Ductform delivers a specialist ducting manufacture solution for the oil & gas industry, providing high standards of safety, quality and reliability.

Ductform HFE has become one of the leading specialist suppliers to the offshore and oil and gas sectors thanks to its unique Tite-Lite Ducting solution which:

  • improves performance
  • reduces weight
  • simplifies the installation process

With our 40,000 square foot manufacturing centre combined with our ability to manufacture 95% of all components inhouse, we have the both the capacity and capability to respond quickly and decisively to any projects.

Our ability to manufacture and supply bespoke ducting solutions in a range of sizes and materials, enables us to tackle any project in the offshore sector.

And, in a sector where safety is paramount, Ductform is widely recognised as one of the ducting sector’s leading advisers, working closely with industry bodies and associations to provide valuable insight into ensuring ducting meets the latest challenges and specifications of this every changing sector.

Ducting Supplies Offshore

Download our brochure now or check out a small selection of the projects we have supplied our ducting solutions to the offshore sector.


For this project, a wellhead platform (WHP) and a process utility and quarters platform (PUQ) were constructed, along with a bridge to connect them.

Ductform manufactured of over 100 tonnes of fully welded ductwork fabricated from 3mm stainless steel sheet.



Oil Field located in the UK North Sea in 135m-Deep Waters.

This project saw Ductform manufacture of over 150 Tons of Fully Welded Ductwork, Fabricated from 3mm Stainless Steel Sheet.



The Cygnus platform is based in the southern North Sea and has been producing gas since 2016.  It is one of the largest platforms in the North Sea, making it a great pick for Google’s first ever Street View tour of an offshore platform.

It Consists of four platforms, including two drilling centres which target a total of ten wells.

This required Ductform to manufacture of over 160 tons of fully welded stainless steel HVAC Ductwork.


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