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Scotland’s leading Ductwork Contractors – TV Advert

In occasion of COP26 taking place in Glasgow, we were delighted to be selected to take part in STV’s sustainability initiative and we are proud to present our TV Commercial as part of the campaign. Our products are designed to be tighter, lighter and greener than regular ducting, which lowers the carbon footprint of projects in critical industries, such as oil & gas, power, marine and renewables. It’s been a great experience working with the STV Team – Thank you to everyone that took part to this amazing project!

Training Hub


ductwork training scotland


We are delighted to announce the opening of our New Training Hub. As one of the few Ductwork Training providers in Scotland, we are looking forward to coaching the next generation of Ductwork Engineers.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity of receiving 1 Days Training carried out by our dedicated Team of in-house Ductwork professionals!


Go Metal



By combining our teams’ expertise and advanced machinery, with YOUR creativity, Go Metal offers a variety of bespoke metal home & garden creations, including stainless steel fire pits, benches, wall art and much more.
Get inspired and contact us at info@gometal.store to request your personalised items now!


St. Enoch Centre, Glasgow


ductwork contractors St Enoch


Ductform have successfully completed the Manufacture and Installation of 2,766 metres of Ductwork for the St Enoch Centre in Glasgow.

The £40 million leisure development will add 30,000 sq ft to the Centre, introducing a nine-screen Vue cinema, nine restaurants, as well as new retail and leisure facilities.

To ensure the safety of its visitors, Ductform provided Fire Rated Smoke Clearance and Fire Rated Kitchen Extract Ductwork, manufactured to the latestindustry standards.


HVAC Healthcheck


HVAC ductwork news


COVID-19 has brought about many fundamental changes to our everyday life. It is now more important than ever, to ensure your in-house HVAC systems are regularly checked and maintained.

According to Regulation 6 of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, “ventilation systems should be properly cleaned, tested and maintained to ensure they are kept clean and free from anything which may contaminate the air” ACOP6 (52).

To ensure you are protecting your workforce and business, please contact us
email:sales@ductform.co.ukCall: 01592 778 330


..Did you know?



Our production facility in Fife has thecapabilities to produce 12,000 meters of duct per month, the equivalent of 30 Empire State Buildings one on top of the other!


Our Tite-Lite Solution


ductwork contractors titelite

Our revolutionary patentedTite-Lite Ducting Solutionis Greener, Tighter, Lighter – Reduces Time, Cost, Material and Leakage, reducing the overall Carbon Footprint of our Product.

Therefore, it is the perfect solution forOffshoreandMarinecontracts as it is lighter and easier to install than traditional Ducting.


Parabola, Edinburgh Park



Ventilation works are scheduled to be underway at the new carbon neutral quarter in Edinburgh Park. The completed development will include one million sq ft of offices, sport and leisure facilities, and up to 1800 new homes.

Work is to restart when coronavirus restrictions are lifted and it is expected to be completed in late 2021.


Nordfab Partnership


world's fastest ducting


As the onlyNordfab Ductingpremier partner for Scotland and the North of England, we are proud to offer a number of high-quality products that find cost-effective solutions to your HVAC problems.

Nordfab is known as one of the world’s fastest industrial ducting solutions, thanks to it’s Quick-Fit Clipped Ducting system.

Please contact our expert team to learn more about Nordfab Industrial Ducting for dust collection and process ventilation.
email: sales@ductform.co.ukCall: 01592 778 330



NHS Louisa Jordan, Glasgow


pharmaceutical ductwork contractors


Ductform have successfully carried out full ventilation works on the NHS Louisa Jordan  Hospital. Located at the SEC Centre in Glasgow, this development was created to assist in dealing with the Coronavirus COVID-19 virus currently affecting the globe.

Thanks to Ductform’s efficiency and turnaround times, together with the capability to collaborate with other subcontractors, the works were completed within 2 weeks.


University of Aberdeen



Ventilation works are scheduled to be underway at the newly-built Science Teaching Hub, based at University of Aberdeen. This development will provide testing labs for students studying a variety of science courses, including Biomedical Sciences and Physiology.

It is scheduled to open within the first half of 2021.


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