Ductform has reinforced its position as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and installers of ventilation ductwork by successfully putting an additional 6 employees through the FIRAS Accredited Certification.

The FIRAS Certification Installation Contractors Scheme ensures that individuals within an Installation Contractor organisation are fully trained on the importance of fire protection services.

The continued investment in its employees is part of Ductform’s commitment to delivering unparalleled levels of quality and safety throughout its design, manufacturing and installation of ventilation ductwork.

Congratulations to our following Employees who have undertaken and achieved FIRAS Accredited Certification:

  • Lee Robson (Contracts Manager)
  • Robert Hinde (Site Supervisor)
  • Freddy Heron (Site Supervisor)
  • David Muir (Site Supervisor)
  • Stephen Martin (Site Supervisor)
  • Darren Innes (Site Operative)

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FIRAS Certification Installation Contractors Scheme | FIRAS Accreditation