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Our unique offering of ducting marine services complemented by our expert team’s experience in offshore operations, delivers high quality products at the lowest project risk, with an exceptional safety performance.


Ductform is Scotland’s leading Ductwork Contractor for the Marine sector. Our specialist solutions are unrivalled in the industry and are available regardless of the project’s size and location.

With over 95% of works completed in-house, we can offer immediate turn-around on all our products for installation by our clients on a supply-only basis, or our dedicated in-house installation team.

Our products are manufactured to marine specifications, such as our fully welded Ductwork, which is more resistant than traditional ducting and adaptable to the most challenging environments.

We also provide our revolutionary patented Tite-Lite Solution, particularly relevant for the marine sector, as it requires less material than traditional ducting, thereby reducing the weight, cost, leakage, installation time and overall carbon footprint of the project.

Below are only a few past projects showing our capabilities as ductwork contractors in the marine industry.




Ductform participated in the construction of the HMS Queen Elizabeth & Prince of Wales Aircraft Carriers, the largest and most powerful vessels ever constructed for the Royal Navy.

The project included the Manufacture on a supply only basis of over 400 tonnes of fully welded carbon steel duct, pipe and structural combings for water tight and gas tight ventilation ducts.


Aircraft carrier ductwork




Ductform successfully completed the manufacture and installation of HVAC Ductwork for the MV Oceana, the fifth largest of seven ships currently in service with P&O Cruises.

As well as undertaking the manufacturing of replacement galley ventilation, our expert team achieved the ‘at sea’ installation of ductwork components in the waters of the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf.


Ductwork Contractor Marine cruise


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Ducting Supplies Offshore

Oil & Gas

Ductform delivers specialist ducting supplies offshore, manufacturing and installing solutions for the oil & gas industry, whilst providing high standards of safety, quality and reliability.

Ductform HFE has become the leading specialist in the offshore and oil and gas sectors in Scotland.  Ductform’s offshore ducting supplies include its unique patented Tite-Lite Solution which:

  • improves performance
  • reduces weight and cost
  • simplifies the installation process
  • reduces carbon footprint

With our 40,000 square foot manufacturing centre combined with our ability to manufacture 95% of all components in-house, we have the both the capacity and capability to respond quickly and decisively to any projects.

Our ability to manufacture and supply bespoke ducting solutions in a range of sizes and materials, enables us to tackle any project in the offshore sector.

And, in a sector where safety is paramount, Ductform is widely recognised as one of the ducting sector’s leading advisers, working closely with industry bodies and associations to provide valuable insight into ensuring ducting meets the latest challenges and specifications of this every changing sector.


Ducting Supplies Offshore

Download our brochure now and view a selection of our offshore ducting supplies for oil & gas projects.




Ductform provided supply-only ventilation ductwok for the BP Magnus platform located in the North Sea. The BP Magnus is considered the largest single piece steel structure in the North Sea, as well as the UK’s most Northerly field.

Specialist solutions were designed and manufactured by Ductform’s experts team to comply with the necessary specifications for the single central combined drilling and production platform, and the seven subsea producing wells.


offshore ductwork





Byford Dolphin is a semi-submersible mobile offshore drilling unit, which has been operating in the Norwegian side of the North Sea since 1974.

Ductform have participated in the re-fit of the rig in Belfast, by completing remedial works on existing HVAC services. Ductform’s Site Operatives worked a constant 12-hour shift over an approximate four week period under stringent work procedures to ensure the project was carried out safely and on time.


byford dolphing ductwork





The Golden Eagle is the second largest Oilfield in the UK, located North of Aberdeen. Construction works included a wellhead platform (WHP) and a process utility and quarters platform (PUQ), along with a bridge to connect them.

Ductform participated in the construction works by Manufacturing over 100 tonnes of fully welded HVAC Ductwork, fabricated from 3mm Stainless Steel Sheet.


oil and gas - ductwork





The Solan Oil Field comprises two producers and two injectors tied back to a platform. Its location in the North Sea, West of the Shetland Islands, provided a uniquely challenging environment for Ductform’s experts team.

This project saw Ductform successfully Manufacture over 150 Tons of Fully Welded Ductwork, Fabricated from 3mm Stainless Steel Sheet. The ducting solutions were manufactured to the necessary specifications to work effectively in temperatures closer to the North Atlantic than to the North Sea.





The Cygnus platform is based in the southern North Sea and has been producing gas since 2016.  It is one of the largest platforms in the North Sea, making it a great pick for Google’s first ever Street View tour of an offshore platform.

It Consists of four platforms, including two drilling centres which target a total of ten wells, which required Ductform to manufacture of over 160 tons of fully welded stainless steel HVAC Ductwork.


Offshore ductwork


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Ducting Contractors Scotland


Our HVAC Ductwork Installation services together with our fully equipped manufacturing facility, can provide a comprehensive range of services and solutions for your ductwork subcontract requirements. Our cutting-edge technology ensures high quality, maintaining safety at the centre of everything we do.

Examples of our Ductwork Installations in past project are shown below.




Ductform provided the Manufacture and Installation of over 3000 linear metres of galvanised supply and extract ductwork for the construction of the Scottish Parliament, in Edinburgh’s City Centre.

The construction of the structure commenced in June 1999, and Members held their first debate in the new building on 7 September 2004.


Ductwork Installation Scottish Parliament




Ductform Manufactured and Installed ventilation ductwork for the Hotel Villa Olimpica and the Planet Hollywood Restaurant in Barcelona.

For this project, our expert Installation team manufactured ductwork tie in sections from a temporary workshop positioned on the beach.


International ductwork




Ductform successfully completed the Manufacture and Installation of ventilation ductwork for the refurbishment of the iconic Edinburgh castle.

Compared to traditional ducting, Ductform’s patented solution carries a lower weight and risk of leakage, which not only reduced our client’s costs, but also the project’s overall carbon footprint, while accommodating the confined and intricate architecture of the site.


Ductwork Installation-Edinburgh castle




Ductform participated in the construction works for the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome. The indoor arena and velodrome was built for the 2014 Commonwealth Games held in Glasgow.

To service the track cycling venue, Ductform provided the Manufacture and Supply and extract ventilation, Insul-Tite pre-insulated ductwork and Fire Rated ductwork in accordance with BS476, pt 24.


Ductwork Installation-velodrome




Ductform Manufactured and Installed ventilation ductwork for the refurbishment of one of the greatest museums in the world, the London British Museum, which hosts up to 6 million visitors each year.

Our team of ductwork installation specialists successfully completed the works on time, whilst complying with the architecture of the historic infrastructure.


british museum-construction




The Sage is a Culture Centre with curving steel roof, providing a concert venue and a centre for musical education in the North East of England.

In order to service its varied Arts programme in state-of-the-art halls, Ductform constructed 1500 metres of internal acoustically lined supply and extract ductwork.






Ductform successfully completed the renovation and extension of the BBC Headquarters in Glasgow, by providing 2000 metres of general supply and extract ductwork.

In addition to this, in order to serve its professional recording studio, Ductform Manufactured and Installed 9x 2×50 metres long Insul-Tite hybrid pre-insulated ductwork plenum.






Ductform accomplished the Manufacture and Installation of 2000 metres of ventilation ductwork for the Glasgow Hydro Arena, which is currently the largest entertainment venue in Scotland.

The contract installation, worth over £1 million pounds, was completed on time and on budget by our team of ductwork specialists.


SSE Hydro construction




Ductform completed the Manufacture and Installation of ductwork for the Award-Winning Riverside Museum of Travel & Transport in Glasgow. In order to maximise the effect of the futuristic building design, the ducting was routed through a vast network of trenches, however, space in the trenches was very restricted.

Designing and fabricating a hybrid modular steel frame incorporating  KoolDuct pre-insulated HVAC ductwork was the ideal choice, thanks to its space-saving abilities, typically saving up to 200 mm in a single dimension.




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Ducting Contractors Renewable Energy


Ductform are Scotland’s leading Ductwork Renewable sector contractors, specialising in bespoke HVAC ducting projects for the Energy sector.

Our team of experts is able to provide outstanding Ductwork solutions for the renewable sectors, which meet and exceed the requirements of operators within the energy sector.

By reducing the overall carbon footprint of a project, together with its prime costs, we ensure to safeguard the interests of both the environment and our clients throughout the whole process, such in the case of the projects below.




Ductform participated in the construction of Scotland’s first Vertical Farm, with the Manufacture and Installation of Insul-Tite pre-insulated Ductwork, providing general ventilation and cooling to the LED lighting towers.

The £5 million demonstration facility is the most technically advanced indoor farm in the world and it has the potential to solve a huge range of problems connected to global food security and shortages.





The Laggan-Tormore fields located in the Shetland Islands is the longest subsea-to-shore development ever used in UK waters.

After being awarded an initial project at the site, Ductform have completed a further 5 buildings fit out in the fields, denoting 3 years of continual work on the island.

The project aimed to supply a gas plant with lower carbon fuel, to protect the uncontaminated environment and its community. Ductform contributed to this aim by providing its Specialist Ductwork for the renewable sector, which lowers the overall carbon footprint of the project.


Renewable Ductwork gas





The Jungle vertical farm located in Paris will have a cultivable area of 5,500 square meters on 17 floors, and a delivery capacity of 100 tons of fresh produce, per year.

For this project, Ductform provided our revolutionary patented Tite-Lite Ducting Solution, which is Greener, Tighter and Lighter compared to regular ductwork – reducing Installation Times, Cost, Leakage, Material, and overall carbon footprint of the final product.

Following the manufacture of the ductwork, our team of in-house specialists managed to travel to Paris during current restrictions, completing the installation in record time.


vertical farm ductwork





The Vulcan Naval Reactor test establishment is the cornerstone of the Royal Navy’s nuclear propulsion programme. Throughout the years, it has been used to test construction materials subject to high radiation levels.

For this job, Ductform completed the Manufacture of bespoke stainless-steel air handling equipment. Ductform’s experts team provided Ductwork Solutions which were fully compliant with the necessary specifications to ensure the safety of the population and the employers at the establishment.



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