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Founded in 1974 Ductform are a customer focused, service driven ducting manufacturers, distributing and installing our ventilation ductwork and associated products throughout the UK.

As Scotland’s leading Ducting Manufacturers, we currently operate from a 40,000sq ft. production facility in the heart of Scotland, where we service a wide range of clients stretching the UK wide.

Our experience is such that we have provided ventilation solutions for many demanding applications, such as: oil & gas, marine, nuclear, renewables, semi-conductor plants, prisons, airports and major retail and office developments.

Our facility and investment in the most up-to-date ducting manufacturing equipment and resource, ensure we can deliver a quality, time driven product and service that will improve your delivery times, reduce your prime cost, and enhance your competitive edge over that of your competition, combining to ensure the successful completion of your project regardless of size, location or specification.

Along with a wide range of solutions, we provide our revolutionary patented Tite-Lite Ductwork, which is greener, tighter and lighter. Thanks to this cutting-edge solution, the cost, installation time, leakage and overall carbon footprint of the project are reduced.


Ductwork Sizes Available

Ductform Manufacture Standard Galvanised Ductwork all as per BESA DW/144 Sheet Metal Ductwork Specification
Sizes available are as follows:

  • Low & Medium Pressure Rectangular Ductwork
    From 100mm x 100mm – To 3000mm x 3000mm – Any permutation can be manufactured within this range of sizes
    Gauges from 0.6MM – 1.2MM
  • High Pressure Rectangular Ductwork
    From 100mm x 100mm – To 2500mm x 2500mm – Any permutation can be manufactured within this range of sizes
    Gauges are from 0.6MM – 1.2MM
  • Low, Medium & High Pressure Circular Ductwork
    From 100mm Diameter to 1000mm Diameter can be manufactured at our factory
    Gauges are from 0.6MM – 1.0MMFrom 1001mm Diameter to 1500mm Diameter can be outsourced
    Gauge is 1.0MM


Larger Galvanised ductwork that exceeds BESA DW144 sizes can also be manufactured to any desired specification

  • Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel & Mild Steel Rectangular Ductwork – 3MM – 10MM Thick
    Most permutations of duct sizes can be manufactured from small ductwork up to large ductwork
  • Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel & Mild Steel Circular Ductwork – 3MM – 10MM Thick
    Most permutations of duct sizes can be manufactured from small ductwork up to large ductwork



Ductform have been Trading since 1974 and currently operate from 2 adjacent premises totalling 40,000 sq/ft, in the Glenrothes area of Fife. From here we service a varied client base, covering a number of sectors and disciplines, primarily: Construction, Oil & Gas, Maritime, Renewables, and Nuclear.

Our Production Facility has 12 offices catering for 20 staff members, including canteen and welfare facilities, and a further 30,000 sq./ft of Production space housing approximately 40 Production operatives.

Our warehouse facility has 5,000 sq./ft of racking, and a further 5000 sq./ft of floor space, including canteen and welfare facilities.



Ductform own all required manufacturing machinery and where necessary have duplicate machinery for fabrication of segregated materials. Where machinery is critical for the production of Ductwork and replacements are not readily available, we operate a contingency of back up machines available on site and revised methods of manufacture.



All small cordless power tools, battery drills etc are Hired via Fleet Agreement through Hilti, encompassing complete PAT testing, maintenance and tool replacement.

We have local agreements with Engineering companies for any breakdowns and service.

Historically, Ductform has produced in the region of 5,666 m2 of DW144 Standard Ductwork per month. This is sub-divided into 3740 m2 Rectangular, and 1926 m2 Circular.

Capacity is based upon basic working hours. An additional 10% is possible with limited overtime work. Further capacity is available with a small increase in production

Fife is an area with high unemployment levels and a local college, making the hiring and training of additional staff easily accessible.

In addition, we also have the flexibility of introducing a further 2 shift patterns when resource has reached its maximum throughout the normal working day.


Accelerated Turn-Around Times

We currently operate service agreements for accelerated turn-around periods of between 3-7 days for tie in sections.


Previous Projects which Demonstrate our Capability

  • HMS Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers 40,000m2
  • Cygnus Production Platform 4,400m2
  • Scottish Parliament Building 7,736m2
  • BBC HQ in Glasgow 10,190m2
  • Hydro Arena 10,081m2
  • Submarine Test Reactor – Dounreay
  • Oceana Cruise Liner Kitchen Extract Ductwork
  • Oil and Gas Platforms [various]



  • Members of BESA – Building & Engineering Services Association (Formally HVCA) since 1982
  • Assured to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 (Assured to ISO 9001 since 1994)
  • Point-to-Point Patent
  • Volume Control Damper License
  • Fire Damper License
  • Fire Damper Testing
  • ‘tite-lite’ copyright trademark
  • Currently working toward ISO 14001

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