Our unique offering of ducting marine services complemented by our expert team’s experience in offshore operations, delivers high quality products at the lowest project risk, with an exceptional safety performance.

Ductform is Scotland’s leading Ductwork Contractor for the Marine sector. Our specialist solutions are unrivalled in the industry and are available regardless of the project’s size and location.

With over 95% of works completed in-house, we can offer immediate turn-around on all our products for installation by our clients on a supply-only basis, or our dedicated in-house installation team.

Our products are manufactured to marine specifications, such as our fully welded Ductwork, which is more resistant than traditional ducting and adaptable to the most challenging environments.

We also provide our revolutionary patented Tite-Lite Solution, particularly relevant for the marine sector, as it requires less material than traditional ducting, thereby reducing the weight, cost, leakage, installation time and overall carbon footprint of the project.

Below are only a few past projects showing our capabilities as ductwork contractors in the marine industry.



Aircraft carrier ductwork

Ductform participated in the construction of the HMS Queen Elizabeth & Prince of Wales Aircraft Carriers, the largest and most powerful vessels ever constructed for the Royal Navy.

The project included the Manufacture on a supply only basis of over 400 tonnes of fully welded carbon steel duct, pipe and structural combings for water tight and gas tight ventilation ducts.



Ductwork Contractor Marine cruise

Ductform successfully completed the manufacture and installation of HVAC Ductwork for the MV Oceana, the fifth largest of seven ships currently in service with P&O Cruises.

As well as undertaking the manufacturing of replacement galley ventilation, our expert team achieved the ‘at sea’ installation of ductwork components in the waters of the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf.


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