Tite-Lite Galvanised Ducting

When it comes to Galvanised Ducting, Ductform HFE has set new standards in the industry with a high performance solutions which not only eliminates potential air leakages which can impact on the performance of the system, they also offer a solution which reduces the materials required and reduces the weight of the finished solution.

Our TITE-LITE Galvanised Ducting is produced from one single sheet of galvanised metal. There are no additional flanges required as the flange is formed from the single sheet with one single weld.

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Traditional Ducting Supplies


The traditional approach to ducting is to use additional flanges to connect the ducting components. This not only creates potential leakage points but requires additional materials and weight as well as potentially requiring additional installation time on site.


Tite-Lite Ductwork


The patented Tite-Lite point-to-point duct system has a major impact on the reduction of weight and potential leakage of an installation and exceeds all DW144 Ductwork  Standards as specified by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA).

Our patented Tite-Lite ducting technology reduces:

  • Weight
  • Leakage
  • Cost

The improved performance makes the Tite-Lite Galvanised Ducting solution perfect for any industry, however the reduction in material and weigh means it is particularly suited for Offshore Ducting and Marine Ducting projects.


In addition to our main product, we also offer our TITE-LITE technology in:

  • TITE-LITE flamebar Fire Resistant Ductwork tested to BS476, Part 24 and EN1366, Part 1&8 for upto 4 hours stability, integrity and insulation
  • Insul-tite external watertight pre-insulated ductwork
  • TITE-LITE  Access Doors
  • TITE-LITE  Volume Control Dampers
  • TITE-LITE  drive cleats and special flanges

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