For over 40 years we have provided the Construction Industry and local contractors with ventilation ductwork and associated products.


Our CAD/CAM Design facilities produce clear, concise Drawings that will assist you, your client and any future follow-on trade with accurate dimensions, positions and locations of Ductwork.

We work closely with our Client to ensure their needs and that of their clients are met in full. With that, we ensure the specified system is the most efficient solution and shall where necessary recommend changes to enhance the relevant specification.

The release of BIM models (Building Information Modelling), allows us to hold the entire building and services information in one single location, ensuring our client, the main contractor and all other contractors within the supply chain, have the most up to date information available




Fabriduct Coil Line, the most advanced coil line produced in industry today. It has the capacity to produce 288 linear meters of rectangular ductwork, in a single 8-hour shift.


Spiro Tubeformer Machine, capable of producing spiral ductwork from 100mm diameter, through to 1000mm diameter, with a capacity of 540 linear meters of ductwork per hour.


Amada Aries 245 Turret Punch. A high precision punch with the capacity for 30 tools, a punching force of 200 kilonewtons, and 180 hits per minute.


Circular Ductwork fabrication, the most reliable and recognised Stitchwelder in the industry for guaranteed air-tight seam, achieved through stitch welding, or continuous welding application. The high production Gorelocker produces standing lockseam elbows and reducers. Thanks to its two separate workstations, it achieves high production and flexibility, while improving rigidity.


Welded Ductwork. Fully welded Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel Ductwork suitable for Marine, Oil and Gas or Nuclear Installations.


Flamebar BW18 Fire Rated Ductwork, constructed from galvanised sheet steel, manufactured to an enhanced standard, and sprayed to a thickness of 2mm with a specially formulated compound that contains selected mineral fillers, this completed system has been tested on temperatures of up to 1110°C.